A Cloud Base Solution For Online Education Management System

Online Education Management System to improve the management system of schools, colleges, tuition classes & Educational Institutes from MyiSchool.

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With workflow automation, you have the power to automate tedious and repetitive tasks in simple steps. Membroz HRMS Software can send a response every time a new member is added. It will automatically set the member’s privileges based on membership rules. HRMS system will send a message when membership is about to expire. Send out offers & promo code with a single click. Auto-generate reports, invoices & other documents.

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API & Hardware Integration

Device & API integration is very important in world of IOT & digitization, connect your Mobile/Desktop POS terminal, Attendance or security check machine, or any IOT device with Membroz, you can rely on us for that. Membroz HRMS Software can easily integrate with 3rd Party application with click of button. Some popular Payment gateway like Stripe, PayU, RazorPay, PayPal etc integration are provided builtin so you don’t need do anything. You can configure your choice of Communication channel for SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc.

Geofencing & Remote Attendance

It has become extremely necessary and cumbersome for a HR team to track employees with everyone moving over to remote working. With geofencing and remote attendance feature in Easy HRMS software, an employer/HR can do just that with ease. Geofencing lets HR set specific location wherein an employee can clock-in or clock-out from. It also allows an employee to mark their attendance through the app/online platform. With geofencing, the HR is aware about an employee’s location at any given time during their work hours. An employee can send instant notifications in case of any issues through the app. It not only tracks attendance but also ensures that all the employees have clocked in and are working without any trouble.

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Most Overlooked Solution For School Management Information System


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Compellingly communicate high-payoff vortals vis-a-vis real-time functionalities.

Affordable pricing plan for all customers

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750 /month

  • Upto 1000 Students
  • Student Management
  • Admission Process
  • Fees Management
  • Messaging
  • Student Attendance (QR Code)
  • Online Examination
  • Class Scheduling
  • Student Mobile App


2000 /month

  • Upto 4000 Students
  • Student Management
  • Admission Process
  • Fees Management
  • Messaging
  • Student Attendance (QR Code)
  • Online Examination
  • Class Scheduling
  • Employee Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Student Mobile App
  • Teacher Mobile App

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School Management Information Software

Compellingly communicate high-payoff vortals vis-a-vis real-time functionalities.

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User Friendly Interface

MyiSchool is an easy going school management system which can be used by everyone, be it a technical person or vice-versa. It just requires a basic working of the computer. After logging in, one just have to go with the flow and follow the process. It is a user friendly software, designed for the easy and systematic working of the education as well as administration in the school.

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Support & Training

Our MyiSchool Team consists of experienced IT professionals that are available 24/7 to give you all the support and training, if required. This feature is provided to resolve the queries of our clients, if arises, while using this software. Our IT Professionals will help you to solve the technical issues, instantly, for the smooth working of your institution.

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Email & SMS Notificaiton

Today, the world is ruled by all the different technologies that makes it easier for an individual to reach anywhere, virtually. This software has an integrated feature of notifying the parents about the whereabouts and progress of the student. All the reports are notified to the concerned person via Email or SMS, as convenient.

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Graphically Rich Dashboard

This feature is basically designed for Parents. The Guardians of the student can be keep updated regarding the progress of their child using this feature. It presents the entire progress of the student, from his attendance to this marks/ result of exams. It keeps the parents connected with the activities that are organized by the school for the betterment of their child.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We provide affordable and flexible pricing plans and reliable services to schools/ colleges for their better and systematic working. We provide different packages according to the facilities that the school/ college requires in the software. Initially, the institution can start with the basic plan to get known to the features and usage of the software and can upgrade it later, as convenient.

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This feature implies flexibility of the software. MyiSchool can accommodate all the end-to-end data of the growing institution without any hassle. One can find the entire history record of the school/ college, as maintained by the software.

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Anytime Anywhere

MyiSchhol – School Management System is hosted on Cloud. An individual only requires the login id and password to access the software, from any place in the world. The head of the school can manage the entire working of the school using this software from any location.

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Data Backup & Security

Our automatic data backup system and centralized servers helps you to secure your data from technical uncertainties that might occur. We respect the confidentiality of your data and we ensure our clients that the data is safe with our security system.

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Easy Customization

This feature of customization helps an institution to manage the entire working as per their norms. The school/college is allowed to customize to entire design, as suitable to their policies and working. There is no compulsion is using this school management system, as provided. It is flexible enough to fit the client’s requirements.


What Users Say


Why To Choose MyiSchool As School Management Information System?

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Multi Dashboard

It’s an effective tool which maintains a record of reminding and notifying the concerned department, parents and students about activities happening.

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Fees Management System

It is an important module which maintains the record of fees paid & to be paid and notifies the school,parents & students about the same on their dashboards.

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Employee Performance System

It maintains the record of all the employee performance detail working in the organization.

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Student Management System

It manages all students information such as address, parents details, contact number,etc.

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Employee Management System

It maintains the entire database of the employees working in the institution. It also maintains most important record of employee’s viz.Payroll Management.

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Inquiry Management System

It is used to keep a track & store all daily inquiries, provides you a set of functionalities to read, write and search for all previous record of inquiries.