Employee Administration Management System

Employee Administration Management System

In any institution, the core Online Employee Administration Management System Software of the entire institution is managed by the human resources department. This department not only provides qualified candidates to the school/ college but also maintains the record of all the staff members as well as students. Employee Administration Management software requires effective efforts to carry all the HR related processes systematically. This Employee Administration Management module of Employee Admin lessens the manual efforts and helps to maintain everything online following the system, as presented by the software.

This module of Employee Admin consists of two sub-modules:

  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Employee Information Management
Employee Administration Management System
Features – Employee Administration Management Software

Features – Employee Administration Management Software

This module of Employee Administration Management system is not only used by the HR Dept but can also be operated by the employees. A unique employee id is generated for each employee, allowing them to access all the information that they would require to take sessions. For instance, their weekly/ monthly time-table. The time-table of each class is disclosed via this software, making it easier for staff to take sessions on time, as allotted. This unique login id is used to manage the employees from their admission to exit.
Also, the information of all the employees is maintained using the sub-module – Employee Information Management. This sub-module keeps the record of all the employees, be it ex-employees or current employees. Information about employee’s personal details, contact details, experience details, etc is maintained. Apart from maintaining and recording of this employee database, the other sub-module – Employee Attendance Management, helps in keeping the record of present days of an employee.

Employee Details – Maintaining Records Easier for Admin

Employee Administration Management software is not only about recording and maintaining the employee’s details but also other details like employee performance reviews, employee’s job descriptions, termination processing, if any, recruiting assistance, documents submission and verification, etc. With the implementation of using this Employee Administration Management module, the staff of school can give more time to other important tasks of the School Management.

Benefits of this Employee Administration Management module could be:

  • Less time consuming.
  • Confidentiality of the employee information is maintained.
  • Employee History of an institution is just a click away.
  • All the details of an employee could be displayed at one place.
  • Reliable and effective.
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