Online Examination System

Efficient and Effective Online Examination System

  • Online Examination System helps you to conduct exams anywhere in a secure and easy way.
  • Configured exam for specific date/time, questions and time period. Students can register online for exam, give tests, check result and view solution.
  • Automatic Question Paper Generator is Template (word/pdf) based offline paper generator. You can create exam paper in many categories such as chapter wise, subject wise, mock-up, final etc.
  • The software allows you to create question bank for various courses, subjects and chapters. Question banks can be search with various parameters like question type, level, language, chapter and subject.
Efficient and Effective Online Examination System
Features – Online Examination System​

Features – Online Examination System

The Examination Management System features that MyiSchool serves:
  • Easy online exam creator and Offline paper generator.
  • Result analysis with various parameters.
  • Offline paper templates – template allow you format paper and put header/footer detail.
  • Different difficulty level can be assigned to questions.
  • Different marks can be assigned to questions.
  • Configurable online exam for start date/end date, exam time, questions level, language etc.
  • Time-saving and reliable.
  • All the reports could be located at one place.
  • Maintains history of the entire year of the exams and results.
  • Supported question types are:
  • Single Correct MCQ
  • Multiple correct MCQ
  • Subjective type questions-Short Description, Med Description, Long Description
  • Comprehension type questions
  • True or False
  • Fill in the blanks

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