Sports Management System

Why you need Sports Management System

People of different age groups are taking up sports as a hobby and to get fit. With so many people streaming into schools especially designed to impart this knowledge, it is important to have an edge when it comes to the management. MyiSchool’s Sports Management System is your one stop shop for all your management needs. It has the best and the latest features designed to make management a sport, quite literally. Let us look at some of the features that make it happen.

Why you need Sports Management System


Having a good payment gateway for your school is very crucial, as it is one of the keys to turning a potential student to an actual enrolment. Having online payment available at an instance takes second guessing out of the game. If you have drawn the attention of the client in the first place, they will be more likely to enroll for your classes seeing that you have a payment gateway there and there rather than asking them to visit your physically. MyiSchool Sports Management System has the gateways that will not let you down, fully integrated with your bank, meaning faster payments.

Class & Batch Management

With the current situation and the distancing rules, having the right number of students in each batch for better distancing is important. MyiSchool Sports Management System helps you manage the number of classes and the batch size with ease. Managing the classes is important because you must make sure to not overexert an employee or a student, as sports is also about recovery as much as it is about physical activity. Moreover, having the right batch size per coach ensures that he/she can give attention to every student and ensure that they have the best experience.

Class & Batch Management
Tutor App | Myischool

Tutor App

MyiSchool Sports Management System can also be used as a tutor app for students enrolled to your school. Sports Management System can be used to conduct online classes and upload instructional blogs for students to follow. Sports Management System is accessible 24X7 to students with their login credentials. Tutor app can also be used to post instructional videos of different sports techniques. The tutor app acts as a class at home. You can record and upload daily classes on the app for students that are not able to make it to the institute on any given day.

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