Student Admission Enquiry Management System

Student Admission Enquiry Management System Made Simple

  1. Merge-purging and organizing large amount of student enquiries can be a herculean task which requires a lot of efforts, time and resources to arrange the data and feed it into the system. With MyiSchool Student Enquiry Management System, this process becomes smooth, efficient and time-saving. It helps the institutes utilize their data in a more effective and systematic manner.
  2. The Student Admission Software manages all the tasks involved in the student enquiry process for an educational institution.
  3. This Student Admission Enquiry Management System is meticulously designed making it capable to answer all the questions and provide effective solution to parents/ students on their journey of getting their child enrolled to school/ college and pertaining queries are raised and resolved online.
  4. To put the enquiry, all the candidate needs to do is to get himself/herself registered with some basic details. This Student Enquiry Management sub-module can only be operate by the school/ college authority who assigned the task of the admission process.
  5. After an enquiry raise, the school/ college authority require to perform continuous follow-up with the parents/ students to ensure that they are satisfied with the institution.
  6. This sub-module takes care of the entire admission process viz. from admission enquiry raised to getting the student enrolled.
Student Admission Enquiry Management System Made Simple
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Student Admission Enquiry Management Software That Works For All

Student Admission Software features are as follows:
  • Resolve the queries against the enquiries raised.
  • Follow-up with the parents/ students who registered their enquiries.
  • Get the detail admission form filled up by the interested candidates.
  • Collecting and verifying the documents of the previous education details.
  • Confirming/ rejecting the candidates, post verification of details and documents.
  • Displaying the report of confirmed/ rejected candidates, online.
  • Uploading the documents of the confirmed candidates on the system with their photograph.
  • Generating the unique login id and password for the students and their parents.
  • The generated login id is used as identification of the student from his/ her admission to exit.

Student Admission Enquiry Management Software – Education Institutions

  • Student Admission Enquiry Management System is an effective and reliable module to maintain the record of each student, be it confirmed or rejected.
  • The entire database of all the candidates save securely under this module.
  • The school/ college authority can easily scrutinize the number of enquiries raised and the number of students enrolled from those enquiries.
  • It indirectly gives a perfect vision to the school/ college authorities about the expectations of parents for the better education of their child.
  • With this sub-module, along with the admission process, the student information management also becomes easy because every detail is automatically feed down in the system after the admission in confirmed.
  • It lessens the manual workload from the officials and is more efficient. At the same time, all the details save and maintain, keeping intact the confidentiality factor. It is time saving and cost-effective.
Student Admission Enquiry Management Software – Education Institutions

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