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The Basic Facts of Online Student Management System Software

MyiSchool is the software specially designed keeping in mind the management aspect of a school/ college. Student Management System is the basic module of this MyiSchool – student management software. Today, be it any school/ college, this module of student management system is used by mostly all of them. Different software serves different features, while our MyiSchool software is a customer oriented model. It can be customized according to the customer’s demands.


This module of student management System has two sub-modules:

  • Student Admission Enquiry Management
  • Student Information Management.

The sub-module of Student Admission Enquiry Management refers to resolving queries that might come across from parents/ students who are willing to take admission. Student Information Management is the sub-module, where, all the relevant information of the enrolled students is recorded and maintained, systematically. Apart from the information of the students, this Student Management System module also keeps the record of the attendance of each student.

The Basic Facts of Online Student Management System Software
Want To Know More About – Student Management System Software ?

Want To Know More About – Student Management System Software ?

Following are the effective features of MyiSchool:

  • Records and maintains all the required information of the students enrolled.
  • Resolving queries of parents/ students willing to take admission.
  • Takes care of the entire admission process of the students.
  • Verifies and maintains all the documents, submitted at the time of admission.
  • Students’ attendance is pulled down under the system on daily basis.
  • Maintains all the academic progress of the students, individually.
  • Assignments, tests, etc are all taken care of.
  • Records and maintains the fees and payment details of all the students.
  • Also, keeps a record of their parents and notifies them about the child’s academics on certain duration.

Transform Student Management Information into Student Dashboard

  • This Student Management system software manages and records all the activities of the students. A unique Id is generated for each student during the time of admission which could be used by them, whenever required.
  • Students can know their class time-table, attendance, their receipt of the amount of fees paid, their report cards and agenda of other activities that the school organizes.
  • Also, the student is notified at the student’s dashboard, in case of non-payment of fees. Parents are updated on certain duration about the academic progress of their child.
  • This type of Student management system  software creates a virtual connection between the School/ college authorities and parents for the better growth of the students.
  • Student Management System  software is the system not only operated by the school/ college officials but also can be used by students/ parents using their unique login Id and Password.
  • This type of student management system  software reduces a lot of workload from the employees. At the same time, everything is maintained virtually, ensuring more secured data as compared to the traditional methods of maintaining the data. This Student management system software is cost effective and is less time consuming.
Transform Student Management Information into Student Dashboard

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