A Single ERP Solution For Tuition Management System

MyTuition – The Basics Of Tuition Management Software

Online Tuition Management System – Mytuition is designed keeping in mind the needs that a tuition class would require for its management. It is a multi-login software and could be easily operated by the non-technical person too. MyTuition is basically meant for the well-established tuition classes that has large database to be maintained. MyTuition offers tuition management system that work as tuition management software to handle tuition class management administration activities in India.

MyTuition – The Basics Of Tuition Management Software
Features that MyTuition Tuition Management Software serves:

Features that MyTuition Tuition Management Software serves:

Multi-login feature: That allows multiple users to login using their respective username.

Employee Performance Management: Track and measure the employee performance level , also produces the reports for the performances.

Attendance and Leave Management: Attendance is maintained under this module which determine the Attendance ratio.

Fees Management: Record of feed paid or unpaid is maintained under this module.

Employee Management: Details of each employee is recorded and maintained, virtually.

Payroll Management: Salary to be paid to staff is calculated automatically,considering to the attendance data.

Delight your Tuition Classes With Tuition Management Software

Multi-Branch Access: The head office executive can access all the details of other branches, if any.

SMS Module: Text messages could be sent in bulk or on an individual basis to keep the concerned individuals informed about the recent updates.

Address Book: Every minute detail of an individual concerned with the organization could be found at one place.

MyNursery has been proved an effective software because every other organization now prefers to work in the modernized manner since it reduces time consuming manual efforts.

Delight your Tuition Classes With Tuition Management Software
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