Tutor Management System

Why you need Tutor Management System

E-learning has been on the rise ever since the advent of smartphones. With ever increasing competition in the education industry and each and everyone of them claiming to be the best there is. It is important that your tutor service matches those standards at the very least. MyiSchool’s Tutor Management System is here to help you achieve just that with its best in class management services that work in tandem with you to help your company grow leaps and bounds.

Why you need Tutor Management System
Online Class | Myischool

Online Class

Conducting online classes is no easy feat, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes for a tutor to present his teachings online. With all the prep that takes place, the last thing you would want is down time/ hang time of your online classes. Forget the traditional video calling apps that give up on you at the most crucial moments. MyiSchool’s online class offering is designed with teachers and students in mind. It provides the best user experience for both the teachers and students helping you conduct interactive classes with ease.

Tutor to Class Mapping

If your tutor institute is already well established and you are looking to switch to a different management software because you find it difficult to manage the tutors. MyiSchool Tutor Management System helps you do just that, it helps you map the tutor to the class of their expertise with ease. All you must do is punch in a few important details and with the click of a button MyiSchool does everything for you. Wasting hours of precious time to map tutors to classes is a thing of the past with MyiSchool.

Tutor to Class Mapping
Online Assessment​

Online Assessment

After a tutor has imparted his/her knowledge, the real test to know if they have succeeded is to know how well the student has understood the concept. What better way than to take assessment through tests and progress reports. With MyiSchool assessment is online, secure and fast, the tutor sets the assessment as per their liking and can grade the students with relative ease using the online assessment feature. These assessment scores are linked with the student’s progress report thereby updating real-time which can then be seen by the students on the fly using MyiSchool app.

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